Change LogΒΆ

A log of changes by version and date.

Version Date Notes
1.5.0 6/10/2021 Added prism.Categories and prism.Projects to enhance Prism Central category & project management. Updated prism.Tasks.watch_task to also return task status via the v3 API for Prism Central jobs. Redirected original category and project functions from prism.Config to the new Classes. Added global function to search nested dictionaries for key/value presence
1.4.3 6/1/2021 Changed Vm create/update terminology for CPU allocation to aid in transparency. Changed terminology to core/socket rather than vcpu/socket.
1.4.2 6/1/2021 Updated vCPU/socket calculation for Vms.update to match that in Vms.create.
1.4.1 6/1/2021 Updated Images.search_uuid to also check for a match with the uuid of the image disk.
1.4.0 5/20/2021 Added functions to the VMs class for CRUD operations to related to the management of virtual machines. Added function to the VolumeGroups class for CRUD operations to related to the management of volumes and volume groups.
1.3.1 4/14/2021 Added NetworkSwitch.get & NetworkSwitch.search_name to check network bridge configuration. Added Network.get, Network.search_uuid, Network.search_name, Network.search_vlan, Network.create, Network.update, Network.delete_name and Network.delete_uuid to manage AHV networks. Updated StorageContainer CRUD function to only pass updated values.
1.2.4 4/14/2021 Resolved issue with call to StorageContainer.delete_uuid from within StorageContainer.delete_name. Added tests for PC using StorageContainer.create, StorageContainer.update, StorageContainer.delete_name and StorageContainer.delete_uuid.
1.2.3 4/14/2021 Removed comments and extra troubleshooting logging from newly added functions.
1.2.2 4/14/2021 Added StoragePool.get, StoragePool.search_uuid, StoragePool.search_name, StoragePool.get, StorageContainer.create, StorageContainer.update, StorageContainer.delete_name and StorageContainer.delete_uuid.
1.1.30 4/1/2021 Added prism.Vms.get_protection_rules.
1.1.29 3/31/2021 Added prism.Config.get_protection_rules.
1.1.28 3/31/2021 Resolved issue where ProtectionRules were being returned as categories on each VM/Host assigned to the protection rule.
1.1.27 3/31/2021 Resolved issue with if statements within prism.Config.get_projects and prism.Config.get_project_usage.
1.1.26 3/31/2021 Resolved issue with identifying a PC instance within prism.Cluster.get_all_uuids.
1.1.25 3/31/2021 Changed logging level on prism.Cluster.get_all_uuids to info.
1.1.24 3/31/2021 Added debug logging to prism.Cluster.get_all_uuids.
1.1.23 3/30/2021 Fixed issue with if clause in prism.Hosts.get_project and prism.Vms.get_project.
1.1.22 3/30/2021 Fixed variable typo in prism.Hosts.get_project and prism.Hosts.get_categories.
1.1.21 3/30/2021 Fixed flake8 warnings for logging changes.
1.1.21 3/30/2021 Updated logging to use an environment variable NTNX_API_LOG_LEVEL to dictate stdout logging. Default log level is WARNING
1.1.20 3/30/2021 Resolved issues with metadata functions. Renamed variables in vms tests.
1.1.19 3/30/2021 Updated prism.Hosts/Vms.get_project and prism.Hosts/Vmss.get_categories. Added prism.Vm.get_metadata and prism.Host.get_metadata.
1.1.18 3/26/2021 Resolved issue payload dict config with prism.Config.*_categories and prism.Config.*_projects
1.1.17 3/26/2021 Resolved issue with the returned value from prism.Cluster.get
1.1.16 3/26/2021 Changed version import in __init.py__ to be absolute. Modified Vm.get to allow for conditional return of both VM disks and VM nics.
1.1.15 3/25/2021 Fixed inconsistency between master& develop branches
1.1.14 3/25/2021 Added the ability to search for and return host/vm project & categories.
1.1.13 3/23/2021 Resolved code quality issues in
1.1.12 3/23/2021 Updated docsctings within for
1.1.11 3/22/2021 Added docstring for prism.Config.change_ui_admin_password
1.1.10 3/22/2021 Resolved issue with logging text for prism.Config.accept_eula. Added function to change prism admin password.
1.1.9 3/22/2021 Resolved issue with default http code return in ntnx_api.client.PrismApi
1.1.8 3/22/2021 Ignored flake8 check C901
1.1.7 3/22/2021 Separated prism tests into more a more logical structure. Resolved issues with NTP & DNS functions.
1.1.6 3/22/2021 Fixed code quality issues identified by flake8. Also, resolved issue with tox.ini
1.1.5 3/22/2021 Removed logging from requirements.txt
1.1.3 3/19/2021 Re-ordered changelog to improve readability. Added Config.accept_elua
1.1.2 3/19/2021 Fix to ensure that class variables holding data are cleaned up prior to be refreshed.
1.1.1 3/19/2021 Added new PrismApi class to to replace existing ApiClient class. Added console logged for enhanced troubleshooting. Added Image upload from URL & file. Added task monitoring to support image upload completion tracking.
1.0.1 10/20/2020 For all set_* functions in ntnx_api.prism updated the return value to indicate whether a record has been added or updated.
1.0.0 10/19/2020 Release 1.0.0.
0.0.17 10/15/2020 Added SAST to gitlab-ci.yml. Added tests for all added functions.
1.0.0 10/19/2020 Release 1.0.0.
1.0.1 10/20/2020 For all set_* functions in ntnx_api.prism updated the return value to indicate whether a record has been added or updated.
0.0.16 10/15/2020 Added alert configuration to ntnx_api.prism
0.0.15 10/15/2020 Commented out windows gitlab build step as its note required currently.
0.0.14 10/15/2020 Set correct method for ntnx_api.prism.add_local_user and ntnx_api.prism.update_local_user
0.0.13 10/14/2020 Added directory authentication, directory role & local user add/update/delete/set to ntnx_api.prism. Added OS tags to gitlab ci to ensure tasks use correct runners. Resolved issue calling incorrect API for ntnx_api.prism.*_smtp
0.0.12 10/13/2020 Added initial unit tests & gitlab runner in homelab for testing.
0.0.11 10/13/2020 Resolved issue in README.rst causing publication to pypi to fail.
0.0.10 10/13/2020 Included changelog.rst in README.rst. Updated tox.ini to improve test troubleshooting. Improved error messaging to client.NutanixRestHTTPError. Resolved issue for Cluster.get_all_uuids() for connections to Prism Central where the UUIDs were being returned as None. Updated Prism.set_smtp docstring. Renamed Prism.*_auth_directory to Prism.*_auth_dir.
0.0.9 10/12/2020 Updated docstring for auth_directory to include default values
0.0.8 10/12/2020 Updated author email address & added README.rst
0.0.7 10/12/2020 Updated documentation for API glossary to provide headings for each class to improve navigation
0.0.6 10/12/2020 Added auth_type get. Added auth_directory get/add/update/set to ntnx_api.prism. Moved multiple occurances of a dict lookup to a static function for improved code usability.
0.0.5 10/12/2020 Added smtp get/set/update/delete to ntnx_api.prism
0.0.4 10/09/2020 Added pulse get/set/update to ntnx_api.prism
0.0.3 10/09/2020 Added proxy get/add/delete/set to ntnx_api.cluster. Added ui_color, ui_text, ui_banner, ui_2048_game, ui_animation get/set to ntnx_api.prism
0.0.2 10/08/2020 Added ntp & dns get/add/delete/set to ntnx_api.cluster
0.0.1 10/03/2020 Initial Version