Nutanix Prism REST Client Documentation


The Nutanix REST Client is a python module that simplifies integration with the Nutanix Prism REST interface.

It wraps REST calls with simple APIs and abstracts the HTTP request and response handling. For specifics on API arguments, consult the REST API guide for the Purity release currently running on the target array.

This documentation should be supplemental and attempts to explain installation, basic usage, and provides a glossary of the exposed APIs.

Installation Guide
How to get the source code, and how to build or install the python package.
Quick Start Guide
A quick start guide for the REST client.
Contributing Guide
Process and guidelines for community contributions.
API Glossary
A glossary of all exposed REST client APIs.


To learn what other Nutanix customers are doing with the client, to share an implementation or contribute code, or to interact with Nutanix, visit the Nutanix NEXT Community.


See the Change Log for a list of changes to the REST Client.


This code is licensed under the simple BSD 2-Clause License.

See the LICENSE.txt file in the top level of the source tree.

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